Pixel Party: The Tick

The Tick

Based on The Tick from the upcoming Amazon Video TV series starting on August 25th, 2017, and licensed from Sony Pictures Television and Amazon.com, Inc. our newest toy from Pixel Party is The Tick! Get your hands on this awesome collectible figurine today.


Designed for those that grew up gaming…

If you ever imagined a whole world that looked like the pixelated heroes and lands that dance across TV and arcade screens, Pixel Party is for you. From the throwback low pixel design of our toys, to the arcade cabinet style boxes (each with their own unique style and side art), these toys aim to make you feel nostalgic while providing something new.

2D inspiration with 3D execution…

Each Pixel Party character is a full 3D plastic toy that’s made to look like it hopped out of a game. Unlike some pixel toys out there, Pixel Party toys don’t just look good from the front. We’re not grabbing game graphics, we’re designing a collectible that can look great from any angle, because it’s designed from every angle.

It’s got game, even if it isn’t a game…

Since each Pixel Party character is uniquely designed, we’re not limited by just making toys based on games. Ever wonder what your favorite live action or comic book character would look like in 8-bit? We are exploring licenses in all realms of rad, to re-imagine them as Pixel Party. If you want to see the world as if it was a video game, we’ll help you with every toy we put out!

For collectors…

We’ve tried to think of every type of collector when making Pixel Party characters. If you keep all your figures pristine in box, no worries, we’ve made each box look great and have a window that allows you to see the figure inside.

What if you’re the type of collector that just needs to play with anything you buy? We’ve got you covered too! Each Pixel Party character comes with accessories and has moving parts. Most empty boxes look like trash when you take out the item inside, but not with Pixel Party! Behind each toy is a mock video game screen, so the arcade cabinet style box suddenly looks like a real arcade cabinet with visible game when the Pixel Party character is removed. This makes creating a virtual arcade of your own out of boxes totally possible and since each box looks like a unique arcade cabinet, your shelves will be cooler than ever to witness with these cabinet boxes arranged on them!

Indie designers, indie passion…

Most toys are imagined in board rooms inside giant corporations. Pixel Party was dreamed up by two indie game designers because they loved games and toys. You can tell from the unique boxes and true style of each toy that these collectibles are made with passion, not by committee.

You’ve bought way more questionable stuff…

Your tournament ready Pogs set that you swore would be worth money someday ended up being a big bust. That funny underwear that gave you rashes and the discount burrito that kept you on the toilet for an entire day. You’ve bought some really awful stuff, but Pixel Pals are cute and unique and you won’t regret buying them like you do that other junk.

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