Buy Pixel Party Characters!

Get our Series 1 line featuring original Pixel Party characters designed by Razlo and Blaise while they’re still available! Licensed Pixel Party characters are coming soon too, to bring something new to the familiar.

  • The Tick – The classic comic-book hero
  • Meowstronomy – A catstronaut exploring the pixelated planets
  • Luckzi – This temple protector’s head spins and his emotions change as quickly
  • Pixie – A dragon superhero that makes rocking a thong and cape look easy
  • Robo Attorney – He knows the law of robotics and the law of man
  • Baby Ninja – A diaper full of danger

A Dream Arcade That Can Fit in an Apartment…

Each Pixel Party character comes in a unique mock arcade cabinet box, so that while you’re collecting Pixel Pals, you’re building your own arcade for the tiny people who live in your walls.

Unique Toys…

It probably would have been enough for us to rest on the fact that we’re making pixel art style toys, but we didn’t think that was weird enough. Have you ever seen a toy line with robot attorneys, baby ninjas, cat astronauts, temple protectors and dragon superheroes? Of course you haven’t, because you’d have to be certifiable to think up these ideas, let alone make them into toys.

Skip the other collectibles out there and get that person you feel squishy thinking about one of these Pixel Party characters. We guarantee it’ll level up the feelings they have for you.*

*Guarantee not guaranteed for real, because I mean, how would I know what sort of messed up people you allow into your life, or what questionable things they think?


This toy line is made by lovers of games, pixel art and toys, not just a bunch of suits looking to exploit your love and hobbies. Maybe that doesn’t really matter to many, but I think even if you don’t care about our extensive game collection or burning pixel passion, you’ll notice the care put into every aspect of every Pixel Party character. Plus, the profit of every Pixel Party character sold goes towards help us get the okay to make more of the crazy things, and that’s got to count for something.

A Light in the Darkness

This world is sometimes a scary and depressing place. Did you see that thing that politician did, and the stuff going on in that country? It’s tough to find something joyful to focus on, but take those beautiful eyes of yours, and have them gaze upon our Party of Pixels. Buying one of these toys certainly isn’t going to cure all the world’s ills, but it’s a bit tougher to be completely disappointed in the world when you can gaze at the cute inspiration of the first pixel cat sent into space. Even if it’s not a birthday or holiday, you deserve one of these Pixel Party characters. Treat yo self!

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