About Pixel Party

Pixels become plastic, and 2D becomes 3D in this new toyline from Breaking Games! Collect and create an arcade’s worth of Pixel Party Characters. No cheat codes needed to unlock these rad collectibles!

Pixel Party is collectible pixel art inspired figures that come in arcade cabinet styled boxes. The toys were conceived and released in 2016. Whether a Pixel Party character is an original concept, or based on a popular license, each one is special and cool. Each Pixel Pal character is numbered on the back of the box, so that you can track if you have every toy in your collection. If you have a license you’d love Pixel Party to tackle next, hit us up on Twitter: @PixelPalsToys

About Pixel Party Creation

Most toys are imagined in board rooms inside giant corporations. Pixel Party was dreamed up by two indie game designers because they loved games and toys. You can tell from the unique boxes and true style of each toy that these collectibles are made with passion, not by committee.

Blaise and Razlo work for two different indie game studios (Feels Right Design and Game Yay Fun), but have spent years touring conventions together, selling their games in the same booth and seeing the passion and beauty of the gaming community around the world. When Shari Spiro mentioned she was going into the toy market, both gentlemen banded together to form a pitch on a new type of toy, that toy is Pixel Party.

With Breaking Games help, these two stay-at-home dads hope that their toys can find a following of fans that appreciate the love and care that they fuse into each collectible.

About Breaking Games

Breaking Games is promotion and publication company founded by Shari Spiro of AdMagic. The up and coming publisher has found great success with the likes of games like Letter Tycoon, Game of Phones, Billionaire Banshee and Poop. Not content with changing how the game space is being run, Breaking Games is now moving into the toy space to bring the same sort of irreverent and unexpected products that they’re known for.

About Feels Right Design

Feels Right Design is responsible for the Zombie Shuffle and the wildly popular Poop: The Game.Just as Blaise (president and designer of Feels Right Design) was getting into creating 3D plastic games, the opportunity to work on Pixel Party came along and his new focus was put into even more use. He lives in San Diego with his family and when he’s not tirelessly working on his design projects, he loves to explore nature, or help with social issues.

About Game Yay Fun

Game Yay Fun is the studio that is responsible for Billionaire Banshee and Re-Extinction. Razlo started the indie studio after being laid off from a video game studio he had worked at for over seven years. Wanting to keep games, or any of his other passions in his day to day work, no matter the project, it is wrapped in something he’s nerdy over. Having already been lucky enough to work on video games, board games and toys, Razlo dreams of one day being in charge of a super sentai show, anime or robot sitcom.

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